Do you make your 
products yourself?

No, we have a contract chemist who makes it in his laboratory in Montague Gardens and factory in Parow Industria.

What is the difference between your Natural and Eco Range?

Our Natural Range consists of plant-based ingredients and the Eco range has some plant and some non-plant ingredients. All the ingredients used are biodegradable within 28 days. The Eco Range is aimed mainly at the industry where they are price sensitive and need to use environmentally-friendly products.

What makes your range sustainable?

Our ingredients are all biodegradable. 
We encourage re-using our 25L containers through an incentive. We also offer 
re-usable trigger and dispensing bottles 
to promote reducing landfill. We 
encourage our clients to return the empty 5L bottles.

Why do you use Sodium Laureth Sulphate in your dishwash and natural shampoo?

Our sodium laurel sulphate is a plant based, Ecocert ingredient and safe to use in our products. We have a sulphate-free shampoo available.

Why use blue and different colours? Is it safe for the Earth?

We use the colours to distinguish between the range of products. They are all food-safe colours that is safe for the people & planet. The Natural Laundy Liquid without the colour s a grey colour that is not too pleasing to the eye.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

The natural range is gentle on the skin. 
We also offer a fragrance-free alternative too. We have clients with challenging, sensitive skin that rave about our body and hair care products. It does not irritate their sensitive skin.